Feeding transformers for auxiliary services - with fuses


Feeding transformers for auxiliary services - with fuses

The feeding transformers type FT24-x.xxX, are designed for indoor, use in electric distribution panels, for auxiliary services.

They are designed to be resistant up to 24 kV insulation level, molded in epoxy resin under vacuum.

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Voltage transformers for power supply type FT24-x.xxX are support type transformers, dry, cast in epoxy resin, under vacuum, having the role of both electrical insulation and to ensure mechanical resistance. They are intended for indoor use, for powering auxiliary service circuits in cells and medium voltage transformer substations, for insulation levels from 3.6 / 10/40 kV to 24/50/125 kV.

The value of the secondary secondary voltages is 230 V; 220 V. For these transformers, it is usually not necessary to ensure a certain class of accuracy for the measurement winding. Upon request, they can be designed and executed with accuracy class 3.

The working limit voltage of these transformers is 120% of the nominal voltage for continuous operation, without exceeding the insulation voltage.

The transformer is executed only with a secondary winding. The maximum power of the secondary being 5 kVA.

Connections to the secondary winding are made with M10 screws and are not protected.

Transformers can only be mounted in a vertical position. Fixing the transformers is done with the help of four screws in the holes provided in their motherboard.

The transformers are delivered with all the screws and accessories necessary for the connection in the circuit

The connection to the ground will be made with an M8 screw, provided on the metal fixing sole.

Transformers are designed, made and tested according to standards IEC 60076-11 or IEC 61869-3 in case it is necessary to classify the secondary in an accuracy class.

Metrological verification bulletins cannot and are not required for these transformers.

For parameters that are not specified in this documentation, we expect you to contact us by e-mail or telephone.

Highest voltage for equipment: 3.6; 7.2; 12; 17.5; 24 kV

Test with applied voltage 50 Hz - 1 min; 10; 20; 28; 38; 50 kV

Lightning pulse test - 1.2 / 50 µs: 40; 60; 75; 95; 125 kV

Primary rated voltage for monopolar transformers - A: 3: √3 ÷ 22: √3 kV

Primary rated voltage for bipolar transformers - One: 3 ÷ 22 kV

Secondary nominal voltage - Us: 100 ÷ 1000 kV

Frequency: 50 Hz

Secondary winding power: 0.5 ÷ 5000 VA

Accuracy class - on request: 3%

Maximum voltage drop - Uk: 10%

Insulation class: B

Altitude: maximum 1000 m.

Ambient working temperature: - 5… + 40 ° C.

Storage transport temperature: - 25… + 40 ° C.

Standarde: IEC 60076-11; IEC 61869-3;

Instructions for connecting voltage transformers to the circuit for measurement,

type FT24-x.xxX

Instructions for handling, transport, storage and commissioning

of current transformers for measurement, type FT24-x.xxX



Type transformers FT24-x.xxX they are very heavy objects in relation to their volume. Therefore, the handling and transport of such products will be done with care, so as not to cause injuries to the body of the maneuverer of any kind. The rules of labor protection regarding the handling of heavy objects will be strictly observed. Direct contact with the ground of the transformers will be avoided, especially in conditions of high humidity.



Transportation of type transformers FT24-x.xxX it will be done in normal atmospheric conditions, avoiding contact with atmospheric precipitation and following the special specifications ("avoid rain", "attention to fragile object", "no overlaying", etc.) marked by a label on transformer package, where applicable.


Storage conditions:

Storage of type transformers FT24-x.xxX it will be done in closed spaces with environments free of humidity, highly corrosive substances, chemically active substances, flammable or explosive vapors and without electrically conductive dusts.


Putting into service:

At the time of commissioning of the type transformers FT24-x.xxX, their location in a space that respects the ambient temperature level will be considered in order to be included in the insulation class in which they were made, elements that are specified on the product label.

When commissioning, the corresponding circuit connection must be observed, in accordance with the markings on the transformer terminals and the connection instructions for these types of transformers. Only multi-wire (corded) cables or connecting rods, the section of which corresponds to the rated current specified on the product label, electric slippers of appropriate dimensions, with the insulation distance on the surface between the slippers, etc., shall be used.

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